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What Makes SanAttest Different?

SanAttest is a real-time, interactive monitoring and assessment system that validates, trains and monitors sanitization and cleaning activities, making sure all your team members are performing required facility and personal safety and cleanliness tasks.

Activities are monitored and measured, providing real-time evidence of policy understanding and compliance with corporate and government mandated directives regarding sanitization and cleanliness.


Videos demonstrate safe and effective procedures for various cleaning and sanitization tasks.


Customize task list templates to meet unique operational requirements.


Prompts individual team members to confirm completed tasks.

Ensure each and every one of your locations is cleaned and sanitized.

  • Available on Smartphones and Tablets

    Real-time, interactive monitoring and assessment app validates employee execution, while providing training and monitoring

  • Improves Facility Efficiency & Cleanliness

    Faster, more consistent cleaning and sanitization processes enhance the customer experience and help your operations hum

  • Provides Accountability and Reduces Risk

    Activities are monitored, providing real-time documented evidence of policy understanding and compliance with corporate directives


Real-Time Tracking

Get instant, up-to-the second visibility regarding the cleaning and sanitation activities at any or all your locations.


You and your employees get real-time reminders to complete specific tasks and to verify they have completed tasks. You configure how reminders are sent out and responded to. Using SanAttest is super easy! Confirming activity completion takes just seconds.

Custom Tasks

Create your own cleaning and sanitization task lists that are specific to the way you run your business.

Real-Time Performance Measurement

A real-time task completion scoring assessment is provided so problem areas, employees or tasks can be quickly identified. You can recognize individuals or locations doing well and coach those that need to step up their cleanliness game!

Training Hub

Just doing things the same way they’ve always be done doesn’t always get the right job done! Interactive video micro-training sessions helps staff quickly learn how to complete assigned tasks properly and safely. And you can prove they’ve been trained and that they understand!

Regulator Recommended Activities

Have your staff trained and completing tasks based on official government-recommended and sanctioned cleanliness standards, rather than loosely defined home-grown activities that look good on paper but won’t hold up under regulatory scrutiny or in court. These are must-dos to protect your customers, staff and your business!


SanAttest – Because Sanitization Safety and Cleanliness Matters

It’s a new world. Sanitization activities, and the ability to monitor their completion and effectiveness, will be standard operating procedure going forward. Civil lawsuits and sanctions by regulators, inspectors and other officials could shut your business down, bankrupt you or both. You will need to be able to prove your locations follow approved practices and complete them nearly 100 percent of the time as possible, plus prove your employees know how to complete tasks and that they have been trained.

To do anything less in today’s environment exposes your business to real risk. The good news is completing tasks and providing proof creates market differentiation for restaurants, banks, bowling alleys and more. It’s sure great to be able to say, “We’re cleaner than anybody else, we care more about our customers and staff and we can prove it!”

The SanAttest app is a real-time tool that:

  • Reduces risk
  • Improves safety
  • Is easy to implement and manage
  • Serves to enhance the staff knowledge
  • Is a market differentiator

All for just pennies per day per employee!

Set up SanAttest in minutes with access to recommended cleanliness and sanitizing task checklist templates based on gold-standard, government endorsed, CDC-linked standards that can be customized specifically to your organization’s requirements.

Then roll it out to your entire team and start validating execution to improve and prove your cleanliness and sanitization footing.

Why take a chance when you can SanAttest! Make the easy choice to protect your business, your customers, your employees and your community. Choose SanAttest!

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